Break Free from Dead End Jobs: Electrician Training Opens the Door to Many Career Options

Deciding on a career path is challenging whether you are fresh out of high school or an adult working in a dead end job. Too often when people are forced to choose their college major or even which career field with no experience and time pressure. That is a mistake. Many people have degrees in fields they will never work in because they found out they don’t care for the job offerings, hours, pay, or are not up to par on the required skillset. On the other hand, countless adults work a career they dislike and were forced into by the need for a job and limited options. Instead, consider becoming an electrician. Straight out of trade school you will have job openings and a direct career path available.

Benefits of Electrician Training

People can choose between attending a trade school or an apprenticeship program to receive electrician training. There are benefits of each option. Trade schools offer a quicker method of learning skills and getting to licensure. You would learn with peers and practice skills in a classroom setting. Not everyone learns the same way and some people thrive in on-the-job training like apprenticeships. There you will be paired up with master electricians and learn as they work with you alongside. Regardless of the way you decide to learn just know that the end result is an excellent career path with many opportunities to select between.

Career Paths After Certification

After completing a trade school or apprenticeship program to get electrician certification Chicago IL you will be able to work in the field. Electricians are in high demand in many areas. Home repair, new construction, and commercial repairs are just a few industry options. There are even more career paths available to licensed electricians.

  • Electrical Drafter- They create technical blueprints for new construction similar to an architect.
  • Electrical Estimator- This is a high-ranking position that oversees the anticipated costs of projects.
  • Electrical Supervisor- This job oversees others on projects like repairs and construction handling problems as they arise and ensuring the work is done by the deadline. They also ensure the safety of workers on-the-job
  • Maintenance Electrician- Inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing are all major aspects of this position. It is typically an indoor position.
  • Lineman and Installer- Utility and telecommunication companies require linemen to keep their services running without outages. These workers are out in all conditions and utilize bucket trucks to safely reach the tops of phone poles to do their work.

When deciding on a future career or want to break free a dead end job, consider becoming an electrician. You can study at a trade school or get an apprenticeship with local electrician companies or unions. After getting certified you have a wide number of career paths available to you. Lineman, estimator, drafter, and supervisor are just a few jobs an electrician can get into. A new career is possible as an electrician.