Top 7 Careers for MBA Graduates

In today’s world, we all know that MBA graduates are so much in demand, but in this article, we will let you know about the top 7 careers for MBA graduates. Many specialists elect a Master of Business Administration degree for all of the alluring job prospects they can relish with this progressive degree. If you need to work in business, bookkeeping, management, healthcare, operations or other related field, going for an MBA initiates the door to several exciting careers and top MBA salary prospects. There are numerous online MBA programs in Canada that offer amazing courses that will lead you towards an advanced career.

Graduates with this degree are so much in demand, and that demand is increasing day by day. In the year 2015 Year-End Poll of Employers, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) stated that 75% of companies graphed planned to hire MBAs, with 85% citing that the number would be the similar or even upsurge from the year before.

For the sake of aiding, we put together a list of what we consider are the best jobs for those with an MBA. We made this list on an amalgamation of average annual salary figures, service growth projections, and job satisfaction reports. Service growth estimates are delivered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and salary information is given by the BLS and

Following are some of the finest careers for MBA graduate:

  • Management Consultant

The work of a management consultant is to give advice to corporations on their business management practices and identify issues within the firm that could be stopping them from reaching corporate goals. There are some management consultants that work for them, although others work for consulting corporations. The Institute of Management Consultants stated that 27% of these workers work for their self. This is a good functioning organization for many experts with their MBA, as it provides much career suppleness united with considerable earning possibility.

Their work is to aid corporations modifying according to new business guidelines or found online business. They also give advice to chief executive officers, chief operation officers, and chief commercial officers and other top directors of various firms.

  • Financial Manager

To flourish in an economic environment, corporations all-inclusive depend on the skill of financial managers. Essentially, financial managers supervise the economic activities and transactions of enterprises. They manage cash management and investment activities, make financial courses, and manage the budget process. Apart from that, they aid companies meet their financial objectives. Financial managers are also busy in activities as diverse as raising capital, controlling mergers and attainments, and evaluating global economic transactions.

  • Investment Banker

Investment bankers aid corporations to invest and grow capital through smart acquisitions of fairness and debt. They also give detailed suggestion with economic transactions as well as purchases and mergers. Bankers also are indicted in safeguarding that all required paperwork has been filed and that all essential government guidelines are followed in the course of financial transactions.

  • Health Services Manager

The increasing healthcare business requires expert business managers to make sure that all healthcare operations run in properly. Health service managers must guarantee that corporations stick to national and federal government reports for the sake of delivery healthcare amenities. They give oversight of surgeons, nurses, experts, and clerical workers. When it comes to smaller healthcare facilities, they manage a whole facility, and in a large association, they may deal with a single department, including business or patient services.

A master’s degree is necessary for most positions. These days some applicants obtain an MBA with attentiveness in health services management. These programs give a detailed comprehension of the country’s largest and wildest growing business. People who already have a bachelor’s degree in the field of healthcare management should think about getting a matching degree like an MBA with a concentration in finance.

  • Information Technology Director

IT directors are liable for handling the computer and technology assets for corporations in almost any business. They must guarantee that the company’s technical info is always obtainable and protected from hackers. IT directors also supervise the management, plan, and execution of the IT organization for the association. Earning an MBA in this field is a good way to get your foot in the door in this developing occupation.

  • Chief Technology Officer

A chief technology officer arranges a corporation’s technical vision and database and manages every part of the administration’s technology development. They are answerable for managing the technology team; regulate research and development, and special schemes. CTOs also start official technical standards and guarantee that they are observed to. Specialists usually get a CTO position with an MBA expert in IT management.

  • Operations Research Analyst

This expert is involved in all of the days to day activities of a corporation. They support managers in determining the best way to assign the limited resources of the association, come up with operative production plans, deal the supply chain efficiently and start solid price arrangements. They are dependent upon compound analytical and calculated methods to aid corporations to boost effectiveness. They also utilize predictive forming, statistical analysis, and economic simulations to develop the most operative solutions for the firm.


Without having any second thoughts, there are numerous amazing and profitable careers for MBA graduates. It all just depends on the time, and energy one put in a particular field and learns applicable knowledge in the required area of expertise.