Tips to choose best medical colleges in Philippines  

The Philippines is one of the best destinations for students who want to study medicine. Students from across the world, including in India choose the Philippines to complete an MBBS degree. If you are looking to study medicine, then doing MBBS in Philippines is a great career option to consider. Choosing from among the best medical colleges in Philippines can be challenging. Here are some helpful tips to help choose the best medical college in Philippines.

Tips to choose the best medical college

  1. Choose a good consultant

A good consultant can help you choose among the best medical colleges in Philippines. An experienced consultant would know how the medical education system works and can help you shortlist and choose the best college. The consultant would have contacts with the medical colleges and can help you find the best college and help you secure admission in the college.

  1. Choose a top college

The medical college you choose should be one of the best colleges. It must be ranked among the top 3 colleges in the country to ensure you get the best education. You can identify a top college using criteria like:

  • It must have a good reputation in the market.
  • There must be many international students enrolled at the college, including students from India.
  • The college must have the best faculty members to help you get quality education.
  • There must be a large and well equipped hospital where practical training can be obtained.
  • The college campus must have the best facilities and an environment that is conducive for good studies.
  1. Good track record

The track record of the medical college is very important to verify. The college must have a track record of helping students pass with flying colours. For Indian students, the most important thing to check is the MCI passing rate. Students undergoing a medical degree in other countries need to pass the MCI exam. The pass percentage rate needs to be above 90%. This ensures the chances of passing the eligibility exam is very high after doing an MBBS from the medical college.

  1. Good stay facilities

When you study in a foreign country, you need a proper place to stay. The place must be homely and must allow you to stay with comfort. This ensures you can focus on your studies without worrying about things like food and comfortable stay. You need to look for stay facilities suitable for Indians. Availability of Indian food is another thing to look for.

  1. Reasonable fees

One of the reasons to study MBBS in a country like Philippines is the relatively low cost fees. Compared to the cost of private education in India with huge donations, medical education is cheap abroad. This needs to be verified before joining.

When you are choosing a medical college to study MBBS in Philippines, you can refer to the tips given above. These tips tell you what to look for in the best medical college.