Learn How to Become a Leader in Education with an Online Degree

Contrary to popular belief, the typical four-year path at a university is not the only way to obtain a successful career. One who completes their learning online has the same, if not more, able to pursue success as the one who went to physical school. For example, a common field people pursue is educational, on, and offline. However, Doctorate in Education online degree is one that may prove to be more valuable to be obtained online.

What is a Doctorate in Education?

A Doctorate in Education helps current and emerging education leaders in both traditional and non-traditional environments. You will be prepared for academic, administrative, clinical, or professional positions in educational, private organizations, public organizations, or civil. With your EDD, you won’t focus just on research but how you can apply what you learn to make a difference as a leader in education.

With an EDD program, you will learn how to effectively lead education organizations and develop skills to operate as a scholar and practitioner. As a leader in education will be able to address the challenges that educational leaders face in a variety of settings.

Why Should You Get your EDD Online?

Obtaining your EDD degree online has benefits over a traditional school setting. Online courses offer flexibility, so if you are already working, you can do your schoolwork in your free time.

While the typical education route requires enrolled individuals to physically show up, sit in class, and travel at the pace of the professor and peers. Getting an online degree allows you to move at the pace you want, choose when and where you want to do the work, and study and learn in a way that works best for you.

Forbes has even noted that online schooling’s value has increased over the years, significantly with the access to technology and more individuals wanting to advance in current careers. The flexibility that is allotted in obtaining an online degree allows you to get experience in the job field. As a future leader in education with a Doctorate in Education, this will put you at an advantage over others in the same career field.

Taking online classes to get your EDD will help you out financially. Online courses are typically cheaper than traditional on-campus schooling. You will have the option to do all of your work at the comfort of your home, which means you’ll save money on commuting, parking fees, and general wear and tear on your vehicle. Since classes are all done online, you will have access to course material for free, along with being able to send papers through email or posting to an online forum.

Advance in Your Career with Your EDD

In addition to the flexibility of online schooling, most jobs will allow you to obtain your credentials while continuing to work. Especially if you are looking to advance in your current career, you will have the support from your boss and fellow employees.

With your EDD, you might be looking to pursue a job as a school superintendent, college president, or an academic dean. A Doctorate in Education will help you improve your leadership skills and move into a position where you can shine. Some other professions that can be sought after with the doctorate in education include:

  • College professor
  • Director of education
  • School principal
  • Chief learning officer
  • Chief academic officer
  • Education administrator
  • Training and development manager

Final Thoughts

The advantages of getting your EDD online will help you advance in your career as an education leader. With the flexibility of online degree programs, you can continue to work in your current field while advancing as a future leader in education.