How To Take The Best Call Regarding Colleges After Checking Your Rank In JEE Mains

The Joint Entrance Examination is one of the most difficult examinations in the country. Every year hundreds of thousands of aspirants take this examination and compete to be part of some of the best engineering colleges in India. Each passing year the competition for places are tending to become increasingly severe. Achieving good marks in the examination and clearing it is an achievement in itself but that is not where the struggle ends for the applicant. There are other things to be taken care off, before one can rest assured and start focussing on the college life. The following information will give you a better idea, as too what are the things that you should be expecting post getting successful result in the Joint Entrance Examination.

Checking for Cut-Offs for JEE (Advanced)

Students fresh out of school have the tendency to believe that getting a pass mark in the competitive exams like JEE is important. Unfortunately, in this case, it is a bare minimum. For JEE you not only need to clear the exam but have to be among the top-ranking student. Thus, you should immediately check if you have cleared the cut-off. Those candidates who get marks below the cut-off marks will not be eligible for admission. On the other hand, those who successfully clear the cut-off marks they move on to the next stage where they stand a chance of getting admitted to premium colleges. At the same time another cut-off is declared for the JEE (Advanced) exams. This is the gateway to admission to getting in to the prestigious Indian Institute of Management.

JEE (Advanced) Preparation

Those candidates who have cleared the cut-off for the Advanced exams then can sit for the Advanced JEE. The preparation for this exam must be more comprehensive than the mains. The questions asked at this stage are much more complex than the main stage. Hence, the preparation this time around should be more JEE Advanced than before. You can start preparation early by getting a tentative idea about your rank by using JEE Mains rank predictor. You should consult books and question papers that are focussed on for the advanced stage.

Counselling Through JoSSA

It is not the end of the road for students who have not qualified for the JEE advance. For those candidates they can still get admitted to the top colleges of the country through the JoSSA counselling. About 97 top colleges participate in this counselling providing for close to 34000 seats for undergraduates in different colleges. So, it is important that you keep an eye on the dates for counselling. In the counselling if you have been directed towards a few colleges, then you must call these colleges individually and ask for their criteria. Once you meet those criteria and you have a few options in colleges, you should choose the college that suits you the best. You should check the rankings of the colleges to make the decision. In addition to the rankings, you should also check the faculty, their credentials etc. too. It is also a good idea to do a background research of their placements and noted alumni. There are also other personal preferences that you could take into account, which includes facilities, city of preference, cost, and accommodation etc.

Other Options

Those people who fail to qualify for the JEE should not get disheartened as there are other options available too. There are plenty of other entrance examinations which can help to get admission in good engineering colleges. Institutes like SRM and VIT are some of the reputable colleges who conduct their own entrance exams. In addition to that there are other private colleges that accept JEE scores for admission. These include Jamia Millia Islamia, Thapar University, SASTRA University and more.