Best LSAT Courses in Chicago

To ensure that you have a competitive edge when you sit for the LSAT, it is essential that you prepare for the test effectively to get a high score. There are many students especially from Chicago who would like to join top ranked law schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia.

Therefore, to give you an edge, Chicago has a variety of LSAT courses that can help you. They include Interactive Online Courses and one on one private tutoring services. However, we are flexible to accommodate unique needs that help maximize your potential and academic growth. A Chicago LSAT course will provide you guidelines towards your preparation. These courses are offered by university Tutors in an online class environment where you see, hear, and speak with your teachers and classmates.

LSAT preparation books and self-guided study can be very effective but nothing replaces a full preparation course. Here is a list of some of the best LSAT Courses in Chicago that offers personalized attention, is affordable and self-paced course.

Blueprint LSAT Online Course. Here you are able to study on the go. The instruction format is flexible and it is optimized for your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. There is also free personalized assistance on specific questions as well as live online classroom instruction from experts.

Magoosh LSAT Test materials. They are affordable and have self-driven courses with various time management tools especially useful to those who struggle with time management. Furthermore, customizable study schedules, video tutorials and Logic Games.

Kaplan’s LSAT which is an Intensive Boot camp. It is an online three as well as four week boot camps that will help you improve your score as quickly as possible. They start with establishing your current level and what needs to be improved. You can also get up to eight hours of private tutoring from LSAT instructors who are experts.

PowerScore LSAT Prep course which is preferable for students at any level and is a very flexible course. It is highly affordable and includes over 30 hours of LSAT prep lectures which are pre-recorded. There are also timed drills, evaluations and progress trackers that help you identify areas to exert more attention. You can also get an in-person classroom approach.

Princeton Review LSAT which is a standardized test prep company known for high quality private tutoring including excellent classroom instruction. The live online instruction builds an honest rapport between the students and instructor and one can ask any questions at any time. Furthermore, Princeton Review Student Portal has a wealth of resources on time management, and effective strategies.

LSATMax which has whiteboard video lessons that cover every question or concept that is set in the LSAT exam. You are also able to receive homework assignments and evaluation exams. If in need of hardcopy reading materials, they are also available during the courses. The analytics used track a student’s progress while highlighting the weaknesses that need to be worked on.