Writing Subreddits on Reddit


Reddit provides a platform that ensures the writers get honest feedback and community support. No matter your level of writing, experience or your topic of interests, Reddit has many Subreddits that provides a lot of help. Some of its roles include writing prompts, ideas and many more.

In this article, we are going to discuss essay writing Subreddits on Reddit.

Subreddits on Reddit

  1. /r/Writing

This subreddit is a platform of the general writing discussions. People share writing tips, essays, articles and all the information that involves writing. Amateur writers are encouraged to start from here since it has a huge number of resources that can mound them become excellent writers.

  1. /r/ShutUpAndWrite

Many people tend to talk so much rather than actual writing. This subreddit emphasizes motivating writers to write rather than talking. Writers usually upload their work to see their productivity and receive feedback from readers. You will get opinions that are not biased about your work. You will continue writing regardless of whether the input is positive or negative.

  1. /r/AskReddit

This subreddit enables the writers to get numerous perspectives on a specific topic. You only need to ask a question, and the responses will start flowing in randomly. The responses are exciting. You can ask any question whether silly, fascinating or severe. It helps writers grasp ideas and unique perspectives of the things to write about.

  1. /r/WritingPrompts

Some writers tend to have a tough time starting writing about a specific topic. In writing the process of finding the topic to write about can be hectic and intimidating. This subreddit provides writing creative prompts, removing the difficulties of lacking knowledge on what to write about. Other writers can help you build your writing by submitting your ideas to them.

  1. /r/WriterMotivation

Majority of the writers experience a problem on lacking the motivation to continue writing. You cannot organize your words well on the paper despite having the ideas. This subreddit is all about inspiring writers and assisting them in writing well.

  1. /r/DestructiveReaders

You may get wrong feedback if you ask friends or your family members about your essay. This Subreddits motivates readers to give honest feedback. Honest feedback is a perfect thing to the writers as they will know which areas need corrections and where they need to improve on.

  1. /r/CharacterDevelopment

Characters are a critical aspect of your writing. You may be creative enough, but when the characters are flat and without any direction, the writing will immediately become hard for readers to memorize. This subreddit involves character development and will help you get useful information on creating a believable character in your essay.


Fiction writers mainly use this type of subreddit as they create a world of their own. The world-building is very key to fiction writers as their character revolves around this world. This subreddit offers a platform to writers to make rules of the world they have built and know what may affect their plot


Writing is a perfect thing that makes your mind relaxes. You create your new world with your characters and develop an exciting plot on them. Reddit has provided subreddit that can help writers improve their writing and receiving feedback. This article has provided some of the subreddit writings.